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Free 28 Day Teatox with every order

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5 SkinnyMint Hacks You 100% Need

5 SkinnyMint Hacks You 100% Need

We know you babes have been loving all of our drink concoctions, especially when they’re hella delicious AND packed with natural vitamins. There’s nothing quite like having a cup of your favourite drink with absolutely zero guilt, you know you feel us on this too! But hold up, we’re about to make your go-to drinks yummier, and even maximise its effects. Yes, you heard us right, we’re letting you in on our top-secret mixes that’s gonna make you wanna try them right NOW!

28 Day Teatox


There’s nothing quite like a cup of our cult-favourite classic Teatox, but try adding some honey and lemon to your tea for an extra punch of flavour, or a touch of ginger to spice things up! Mixing in some honey, ginger and/or lemon also gives your Teatox an added dose of nutrients and vitamins, that aids in digestion and even soothes coughs and sore throats. Try pairing our Teatox teas with one of these easy breakfast recipes to start off your day!

Fat Burning Coffee


If you’re more of a coffee person, we’ve got you covered too with our fave cup of coffee that’s just what we love to start our day with! Our Fat Burning Coffee already helps boost your satiety, with it keeping you full and energised for hours - but add in some oat or nut milk or even our Slim & Trim Shake for that extra boost of calcium, protein and vitamins! These extra ingredients also further intensify the nutty flavour of our coffee that we’re absolutely obsessed with!

Green Cleansing Elixir


One of the best things about our Green Cleansing Elixir is how it goes so well with almost everything. We kid you not, this baby is good both as a drink and as part of your breakfast bowl! Mix it in with some good ol’ coconut water for a quick and basic green juice, or blend it in with a frozen banana and/or mango for a superfoods-packed tropical smoothie! This not only packs your smoothie and juice with more than 22 superfoods in total, but also gives you a delicious boost of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. You should totally try making an Elixir smoothie bowl while you’re at it, it’s definitely one of our fave go-to meals!  

Slim & Trim Shake

Slim & Trim Shake

What’s better than a low-cal cupcake shake that hits all your macros? Try mixing up our Slim & Trim Shake for a cinnamon cupcake shake, or take it up a notch with some frozen berries for the ultimate meal replacement smoothie that’s now packed with a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins, that’s amazing for both your immune system and workout plan! Feeling adventurous? Have a go at some healthy Slim & Trim cupcake-flavoured snacks.


PRO TIP: Mix a scoop of our Green Cleansing Elixir with two scoops of our Slim & Trim Shake for the perfect matcha cupcake meal replacement shake on-the-go!

Hot Chocolate


There’s something about our Fat Burning Hot Chocolate that keeps us going back for seconds. We’re pretty sure it’s got to do with its rich chocolatey flavour, but our recent addition of a splash of oat milk (any nut milk of your choice or even our Slim & Trim Shake would work too!) has definitely got us hooked! We’ve also really been enjoying having ours as a smoothie - you can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate and banana smoothie with some greek yogurt for that extra creaminess. These additions not only bring out the flavours of our Hot Chocolate, but also adds an extra kick of protein, calcium and vitamins to our fave drink!